Hilly 22 Results

Results for the hilly 22 from 15th March 2015 for those who can’t open it on the Facepoke page.

Frodsham Wheelers – twelve50 bikes

Open 22 Mile Hilly  – Solo & 2 Up 
March 15th 2015 – First rider off at 08:01 
Prize Winners
Event winner £25 Chris Edmondson Fibrax – Wrexham RC
Second place £20 Daniel Stevens Liverpool Century RC
Third Place £15 Phil Murphy Total Tri Training
Fastest Lady £20 Rebecca Holland Chester RC
Fastest Vet £20 Andy Bennett Onimpex – Bioracer RT
Team Winners £30 Fibrax – Wrexham Road Club
Chris Edmondson – Dyfan Evans – David Woodley
Results – Solo Event.
Time Position Category Name Club/Team
00:48:32 1 M Chris Edmondson Fibrax – Wrexham RC
00:50:58 2 M Daniel Stevens Liverpool Century RC
00:51:13 3 M Phil Murphy Total Tri Training
00:51:34 4 M V Andy Bennet Onimpex – Bioracer RT
00:51:34 5 M Stephen Skates City of Chester Tri Club
00:51:44 6 M Steve Matthews Holyhead CC
00:52:06 7 M Chris Standidge Total Tri Training
00:52:18 8 M Dyfan Evans Fibrax – Wrexham RC
00:52:50 9 M Michael Cliffe Cover Your Car Racing Team
00:52:59 10 M Neil Buckley Port Sunlight Wheelers
00:53:08 11 M V Gary Williams Mersey Tri
00:53:09 12 M V Kevin Larmer Port Sunlight Wheelers
00:53:30 13 M Thomas Garbett Revolutions Racing
00:53:38 14 M V Steve Hankey Warrington Road Club
00:54:31 15 M V Damian Field Liverpool Century RC
00:54:39 16 M Andrew Howarth City of Chester Tri Club
00:55:33 17 M V David Woodley Fibrax – Wrexham RC
00:55:48 18 M Karl Southern Chester RC
00:56:30 19 L Rebecca Holland Chester RC
00:56:53 20 M Alex Taylor Cadence Sport
00:57:11 21 M V Clive Gudgeon Chester RC
00:58:37 22 M Gary Hartley Frodsham Wheelers – Twelve50 Bikes
00:58:54 23 M Matthew Hammond Total Tri Training
00:59:45 24 L Bethan Hughes Chester RC
01:00:00 25 M V Matthew Edwards City of Chester Tri Club
01:00:13 26 M David Smith Frodsham Wheelers – Twelve50 Bikes
01:00:39 27 M V Rob Duckett Frodsham Wheelers – Twelve50 Bikes
01:03:04 28 M V Paul Williams Fibrax – Wrexham RC
01:03:58 29 M Andrew Roberts Frodsham Wheelers – Twelve50 Bikes
01:04:16 30 L V Claire Sutcliffe Total Tri Training
01:04:42 31 M V Andrew Large Chester RC
01:05:08 32 M V Rob Cowell Frodsham Wheelers – Twelve50 Bikes
01:06:15 33 L   Tammy Lee Chester RC
01:07:41 34 M V Martin Sturge Graham Weigh Racing – Deeside Road Club
01:11:10 35 M V Peter Norman Fibrax – Wrexham RC
01:11:23 36 M V Geraint Huw Catherall Anfield BC
DNS Apol 24 M V Justin Collacot Frodsham Wheelers -Twelve50 Bikes
DNS Apol 27 M V Darren White Fibrax – Wrexham RC
DNS Apol 31 M Andrew Allan New Brighton CC
DNS Apol 39 M V James Murphy Frodsham Wheelers – Twelve50 Bikes
DNS Apol 52 M Phil Pearce Cover Your Car Racing Team

Frodsham Wheelers – twelve50 bikes

Open 22 Mile Hilly  – Solo & 2 Up 
March 15th 2015 – First rider off at 08:01 
Prize Winners
Winners £40 Dave Williams & Nick Giles Fibrax – Wrexham Road Club
Second  £30 David Crawley & Nick Morley Fibrax – Wrexham Road Club
Third £20 Matt Gilbert & Steve Aston Fibrax – Wrexham Road Club
Time Number Categories Name Club
00:47:25 1 M Dave Williams Fibrax – Wrexham RC
MV Nick Giles  
00:48:19 2 M David Crawley Fibrax – Wrexham RC
M Ryan Morley
00:50:20 3 M Matthew Gilbert Fibrax – Wrexham RC
M Steve Aston
00:51:05 4 M V David Spencer Fibrax – Wrexham RC
M Will Morgan
00:51:42 5 M Graham Thompson Anfield BC
M V Peter Groom (Dr) Liverpool Century RC
00:55:20 6 M V John Hill Fibrax – Wrexham RC
M V Robert McDonald
00:56:20 7 L Becky Lewis Fibrax – Wrexham RC
M V Howard Lewis
00:56:21 8 M Matt Steadman Frodsham Wheelers -Twelve50 Bikes
M Chris Fowler
00:57:12 9 M V Aidan Warder (DNF) Frodsham Wheelers – Twelve50 Bikes
M V Alan Clark (Solo)
01:02:36 10 MV David Arundale Frodsham Wheelers – Twelve50 Bikes
MV Danny Emmet
01:04:57 11 LV Dianne Turner Frodsham Wheelers – Twelve50 Bikes
MV Roy Forster
Well done to all the prize winners , always good to get the season off to a winning start and the Fibrax Wrexham riders certainly cleaned up today, with the first place overall , team prize and the first 4 places in the 2 up. Great to see so many people doing their first ever events today – it was ours too so I’m glad it went well for everyone. Many thanks to all those who took the time pass on their thoughts and comments , feedback is always good to get.  Whilst the riders make the race, without the help and support of volunteers these events cannot go ahead so our appreciation to John and Kate for the timekeeping, and to all those who turned out today to help set up, marshal, assist timekeepers, push off, feed and water riders, sorting out the signing on , collecting numbers, pinning numbers on for people, put out signs , collect signs, fetch carry, generally help out in every way. Our very own Race Makers – you were brilliant one and all. Massive thanks from me. 
Frodsham Wheelers next open event is Saturday 27th June , 10 mile TT on Rainford D10/1 – Happy to see you all again!!
Special thanks to
Matt and Rick at twelve50 bikes for their support with the HQ and freebies at the end.
Greg at Cover Your Car and the Wigan Wheelers for the loan of their safety signs

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