Folks , please see below results of the first bench marking session held last night at Hale Village. A good turn out saw 12 put themselves through the ringer on a sunny but windy night and I think on the whole everyone was quite pleased with the results – once they’d stopped coughing lungs up!

The bit you all want to see – in order of start ;

Andy Lee                          28:26
James Murphy                   29:06
Gary Hartley                      27:43
Justin Collacot                   27:25
Aidan Warder                    26:44
Roy Forster                       28:30
Dianne Turner                    30:49
Danny Stevens                   22:49
Rob Cowell                       28:53
Matt Steadman                  26:15
Dean Smith                        23:53
Alan Orme                         24:30

Some riding the first the first time in a while , some for the first time ever. Well done to all and lets see if we can get a few more next time. Up your training , do your intervals , chainies, what ever floats your boat and ride the next one and see how much quicker you go. I noticed a few legs needing shaving………..

Dates for the rest of the sessions as follows;
July 2nd
August 6th
September 10th  Septembers  10 mile session will be a handicap championship. Handicaps will be based on best times in the series and will be set to give everyone a chance of the win. We’ll be using some of your £2 per event money to get a trophy for a club do at the end of the year.

September 28th            Club hill climb championship. All agreed on Mersey View? 9am at the shop , all take a blast up the hill and then ride on to a cafe and make a day of it.

End of season – organise a club do – hill climb champion, 10 champion, handicap champion, road race champ (most points in season?), most improved rider? Who’s up for an old fashioned club weekend away at a youth hostel / b& b? Ride out , saddlebags ( or team car with the bags), pub , big ride Saturday , ride home Sunday?  Discussion on the Facebook page………………..

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