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Ladies and gentleman , boy and girls, without further ado I have great pleasure in announcing the results of the first ever Frodsham Wheelers Club 10 Championship.

Lucky 13 riders took the line on what was probably the best night of the year. Warm , calm with a tailwind up the home straight , perfect conditions for those looking for the win. Ladies went first with Dean as scratch man setting off last. 9 of the 13 starters registered personal bests which is testimony to the hard riding everyone’s been putting in and reflects the good spirit there is within the club. As this is  the championship , results in order of times (handicap adjusted) as follows.

The winner – Lee Cox                                       22:16
Second      – Cerys Hanson-Jones                    23:05
Third          – Dean Smith                                 23:17
4th              – Nathan Woods                          23:29
5th             – Diane Turner                               23:32
6th              – John Flynn                                 23:44
7th             – Gary Hartley                               24:01
8th             – Chris Fowler                               24:02
9th              – Gary Minnis                               24:04
10th           – James Murphy                            24:21
11th           – Andy Lee                                   25:04
12th            – Mark Hogan                              25:20
Non counting -Matt Kimpton-Smith                 26:24 – No previous time so no handicap.

Times on the night – as I say 9 PB’s so nice riding Arancionero!
Diane                            29:43 pb
Cerys                            31:42 pb
Chris Fowler                 25:28 pb
Lee                               27:38 pb
James                           27:06 pb
Nathan                          27:16 pb
Andy                             27:31
John  Flynn                    26:24 pb
Mark Hogan                  33:30
Gary H                          26:46 pb
Gaz M                           27:18 pb
Matt Kimpton-Smith      26:24
Dean Smith                    23:52 pb

PB indicates seasons best / personal best.

Well done to all those who’ve ridden through the season. Hopefully you’ve all enjoyed riding them as much as I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone race , improve and enjoy themselves. Thanks to Pete , Roy , Mark, Stu and Eva and anyone else who I may have forgotten who’ve all be invaluable helpers throughout , couldn’t have done it without you all. Final event of the season , Sunday morning , the hill climb. Straight race , time trial , fastest ride wins the trophy. No handicaps apart form your own ability to suffer!! Meet at Moughland 8:30 , the shop at 9 then ride up to the start at The Bulls Head on Bellemonte Road, finish outside the gates at the Memorial Gardens at the top by the hotel – around 3 to 3 1/2 minutes…….. Then off to the Ice Cream Farm for a chug!

Forza Frodsham – Proud of you all!!

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