B Ride became an A Ride then a C Ride

Stuff wot we learnt today!

What goes up. Flanders must be an ace place to ride bikes. Wednesday’s weather forecast ain’t worth a carrot.

So – another day, same ride planned. I’ve wanted to ride Beeston Brow for a while but it needs good weather. Today we got it. After last weeks arctic expedition it was good to have the sun out and the shades on.

Not the biggest group but there were three good ides on offer today but 7 of us headed out on the Wizard route before Jamezzz evened the numbers by heading off on an excursion for one. Out of Alderely Edge an up the big one was a cue for jackets open and gloves off as the heat went on.

it was 9:30am on Mars

Across to scenic Bollington and we hit the target of the day – Beeston Brow. It’s narrow, it’s steep, it’s got cobbles, it’s got a hairpin, it goes on an on. See video below – just prior to hitting the slopes Gaz Minnis confidently told all there were no cobbles …

As if this wasn’t enough punishment, we hit Blaze Hill as our high point of the day before dropping into Macclesfield and then across to Jodders. Incidentally, Jodders stop serving working class food like bacon butties at 11:30am.

I’m pleased that it was 9:30am on Mars but they weren’t for having it. Posh salads with olives and chickory it was, or sausage rolls with chorizo. Very middle class. Hedge cutting forced a change of route for the return, Gaz was on his knees with a sex pest of a cough to quote Dev who had earlier been breathing through his big ring?

As we all split for home, I punctured, then Roy had the phone call of shame at the Tunnel Top as his rear mech exploded. Fun times all!!

Thanks for your company today Dev Devaney, Roy Forster, Gaz Minnis, Stephen Wright, John Flynn and flying (on a 34×34 ) Rob McGregor.

sunday cycle ride runcorn bollington cheshire 74 miles
Sunday B Ride – 3,000ft ascending, average speed 15mph over 74 miles.

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