B’s Derbyshire Mystery Meander!

It was a Hilly Epic across the Peak District National Park

Eight mighty Wheelers met up in Wincle for the mystery tour of the Peaks. Where we went is still a mystery to me as I still can’t manage my Garmin to deliver the details! But it was an epic of over 80 miles, 9500ft of climbing and despite conflicting on-route descriptions from me there was actually zero flat. The profile, thanks to Chris, he with the most beautifully prepared legs for the event, HJ’s gadget captured the ride as:

Close up of ride profile

Nathan demonstrated brilliantly how to apply sun cream to “just your legs”!

Off we headed, the only way out of Wincle, up over to Pym’s Chair, where Kool King Kev and Nathan proved way too fast to be captured. All seemed ready for what lay ahead.

Chris’s one handed celebration. Just zoom in on those perfectly smooth legs!

Lady Di, demonstrates how refreshingly cool a “club white” strip summer-strip would look.

Dave Arundale, proved himself Champion of ALL the celebrations.

The pure grit of Steven Wright.

The King of every climb and looking stronger every week Nathan Morgan Astle.

The Queen of the Epic, Jenny Lockett, below, making the 80 miles cycling to and from the meet point plus the Epic ride look so easy. Note the Queen does this with a load!!!!!

Jenny Lockett, 160+ miles with luggage!

So we progressed up and down through the Goyt valley, over Axe Edge, a quick detour over the cobbles in Longnor, and on up to Bakewell we went in search of the refreshment stop of our dreams:

Eight tarts!

Enjoying the view from Axe Edge.

Well nourished by the Bakewell Tarts we pushed on over to Tissington, Thorpe and Ilam. Enjoying the sunshine, scenery and challenge of the route.

Ilam, lovely.

My view all day, the back of Cool King Kev.

A little lumpier than described the route continued to rise. I proved consistently unreliable in explaining what elevation was to come. We headed to Froghall. From there it was up, up and a bit more up, climbing on to the wonderful Morridge with a well earned drink in Ipstones, half way up!

Chris HJ, he of the accurate facts noted that Morridge was the highest point of the day. He also repeatedly noted and observed we had travelled at only 7mph!

Back to Wincle via the Roaches where the Epic Queen Jenny left us for her return to Frodsham. We safely negotiated the gate on Roach End, enjoying the views across Staffordshire and Cheshire. The final climb of the day: Gunn Hill, hardly felt like a climb, before we rolled back into Wincle.

The Ship Inn was our final stop to regroup and catch up on the latest news from the Retro Ride. Lady Di excelled in lady-ness by emerging daisy-fresh in a pretty dress for her final refreshment stop.


Thank you Wheelers for sharing another mighty day together on our bikes.

Brigiddon’t believe a word she says about climbsWilde

peak district epic club ride route
Ride to Croston – 8,600ft ascending, average speed 13.5mph over 83 miles.

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3 thoughts on “B’s Derbyshire Mystery Meander!

  1. It sounds great. Well done missis.
    It does make me laugh how hopeless B is about noticing and describing steepness. I routinely follow her on routes that she describes as “flat” which turn out to be as jagged as shark’s teeth! Well done all you intrepid “epic” riders.

  2. Well done Brigid and gang
    A great ride
    I was out today doing a but of the fiver to Durness peak tours event with one of my Matlock colleagues
    We went very near tissington at one point 100 yards from the ford at the bottom of the hill east of tissington

  3. Sounds like you all had the most perfect of days. Beautiful mystery trip for everyone, possibly yourself included xxxx

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