Club Memberships

Club Membership: Guys/Girls, we now have 28 fully paid members which is great, with more new faces every week. We are made up we are being supported by so many! 

Club membership costs just £20 per year.

As a reminder of what you get for that, you receive a discount package in the shop with 15% off RRP on parts and accessories, 20% off workshop labour and 10% off Bikes. Your first shop purchase could pay for that £20 membership fee!
You also get to ride with experienced riders who are willing to help you improve your riding, take you out to new areas, and of course there’s the social side of it. We have also secured funding to qualify two riders as group leaders, which will further improve the guidance on offer, particularly for newer riders. Watch this space……

£20 a year isn’t a great outlay, and isn’t much by comparison to what your bike and kit costs.
We would like to see that people riding in the club kit are paid up members. The club and shop don’t take any profit from the kit, our sole source of club funds is from memberships.

Keep the wheels turning and the colours flying….. see you on the road!

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