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The end of the summer looms bringing with it the end of the season but – despair not Arancionero!! Keep your racing stripes fresh for the two most important event of the season – the inaugural Handicap 10 and Hill Climb championships.

The last 10 of the year will be Wednesday September 3rd , first rider off at 07:00. Anyone can ride but the actual championship is only open to PAID UP CLUB MEMBERS who have completed at least one previous session to get a time to handicap from. For those not familiar with the handicap system – here goes. Dean has set the fastest time in the 10’s so far this season. Dean is therefore the benchmark or scratch rider. By subtracting Deans time from your fastest effort , you are left with your handicap. On the race night, same applies. Your handicap is subtracted from Deans time and the rider with the bet time after handicaps are deducted is the winner. It’s been done on a handicap to give everyone in the club a chance of the win , not just whoever is fastest on the night. Next year I  intend to run a fortnightly ten and points per placing count towards an overall championship for the quick riders and then keep the handicap format for a separate award.

Handicaps as follows;
Andy Lee                     2:27
James Murphy              2:45
Gary Hartley                2:45
Justin Collacot              2:58
Aidan Warder              2:17
Roy Forster                 3:43
Diane Turner                6:11
Rob Cowell                 4:26
Matt Steadman            1:48
Alan Orme                   0:15
Rob Duckett                2:26
Mark Stevens              0:51
Nathan Woods            3:47
Chris Fowler                1:26
Gary Minnis                 3:14
Lee Cox                      5:22
Ben Furnival                 5:46
John Flynn                   2:40
Mark Hogan                8:10
Cerys Hanson-Jones    8:37
Dean Smith                   Scratch

To simplify , when you finish , deduct your handicap time above from your finish time and compare to Deans time.

Following on from the 10 , Sunday September 7th – Meet at Twelve50 at 9am , then time trial up Mersey View for the club hill climb championship. This one is  all about who’s quickest so fastest man or woman wins. Start at the junction with the shop at the end of  Hillside / School Lane , finish level with the gates at the top. I will need 2 assistants for this one – it’ll take 3 of us to push off and start and one at the top to record finish times. First rider off at 9:20 then crack on with the club run. Strava times show this should be a close run thing ….!!

Conversation needs to be had about a Club dinner before we miss our chance to book somewhere. Sunday morning , who knows somewhere good , local and central for everyone let’s have a natter. What kind of a do , partners or not, that kind of stuff.

Don’t forget the Tour of Britain crosses Runcorn Bridge on September 8th so if you’re off it’ll be worth a look.

Forza Frodsham , see you Sunday.

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