Great, Soggy, Beautiful & Brutal ‘A’ Ride to Llangollen

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That was a great, soggy, beautiful, brutal ride to Wales with Ryan Jackson, Sam Marshall, Neill Watts, Peter Prince (coughing well) and Jonny Okell and Ed Cox from the RCC (saw route on website, rode it, happy days….you’re very welcome lads.)

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Smashing times for all up The Steps and the route back from Llangollen was a ‘PB fest’ as we fairly smashed it (Kudos to Neill for constant kamikaze approach on the front!).

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Nifty average 17mph for 119 miles. Left Neill treating a ‘bonk’ (“delirious”!!!) In Frodsham and myself and Iron Ryan had a chocco hit from a Runcorn Convenience Store. In the words of Sam ‘The man’ Marshall – a ‘Satanical’ (is that even a word?? 🙂 ) ride.

llangollen cycling route strava map
‘A’ Ride to Llangollen, September 2017 – 5,500ft ascending, average speed 18.5mph over 100 miles.


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