Hale Circuit 10TT – Frodsham Wheelers 10 Mile Time Trials, Hale Village, Cheshire

The Hale TT started for us as a benchmark session so that new riders could get a feel for how they were improving, not only in their own riding but relative to their club mates.

A competitive edge is never far from bubbling up whenever mates get their bikes out  ( we’re all big kids at heart are we not? ) so it morphed into a season long competition.  Fastest rider each round gets 10 points, down to 1 point for 10th. At the end of the season (September) your highest 6 scores count. Seeing as there’s 11 rounds, we should avoid a tie!

For added spice, we also invited along local “rivalsRuncorn CC for a bit of inter-club sport. Again, points for the first 10 riders home from either club.  2015 winners of the inaugural competition were the Mighty Wheelers but Runcorn have come back stronger in 2016 so expect a fair old ding dong.

We also have a handicap championship but to qualify for this and our overall title you must be a club member. Check the how to join page for details.

How to get involved? Anyone can ride, check out the dates and times on the rides page. Start is at The Beehive pub, first rider off at 19:01 so be there by 18:45 to get signed on, get your number and go race! Each round has a £3 entry fee (£2 of this is an insurance levy). The course is simple to follow, signposted and well marshalled.

Suns out, summers coming, what you waiting for?!!

Frodsham Wheelers Riders

Orme , Alan520:25:310:25:4260:25:3490:25:0490:25:49100:26:0390:24:599
Pickering , Ciraran480:24:500:24:5990:25:0590:24:54100:25:06100:24:1010
Arundale , Dave480:25:500:25:3870:25:1880:25:1680:26:1690:26:4680:25:518
Forster , Roy370:26:320:25:5460:26:0550:26:1560:25:1970:26:4180:28:595
Duckett , Rob300:27:420:26:5340:27:0520:28:0150:27:2170:28:2960:28:276
Smith , Dean300:24:060:24:01100:23:58100:24:2110
Walker , Dan160:26:050:26:0050:26:1240:26:047
Fowler , Chris150:25:410:25:2970:25:538
Murphy , Jamezzzzz140:27:460:27:5970:27:347
O'Donoghue ,Warren100:29:340:28:4210:30:1230:29:496
Woods , Nathan80:25:340:25:348
Reilly , Kieran70:33:470:34:1320:33:215
Cowell , Rob60:29:050:28:3120:29:394
Flynn , John60:27:170:27:176
Hanson-Jones , Cerys50:32:000:31:2600:31:1800:33:165
Burke , Matthew30:27:060:27:063
Clarke , Alan30:26:280:26:283
Astle , Peter10:30:300:30:2010:30:400
Morgan-Astle , Nathan00:29:170:29:170

Inter Club – Frodsham Wheelers / Runcorn Cycle Club

Green , RobRuncorn680:24:01100:24:0990:25:1090:23:44100:24:50100:24:51100:23:4110
Pickering , CiraranFrodsham420:24:5970:25:0570:24:54100:25:0690:24:109
Leadbeater , MikeRuncorn490:25:5130:25:1160:25:3280:25:0380:26:0580:25:3980:24:458
Orme , AlanFrodsham400:25:4230:25:3470:25:0470:25:4990:26:0370:24:597
Cox , EdwardRuncorn140:24:2580:25:146
Okell , JonnyRuncorn50:26:230:25:305
Mayers , SamRuncorn170:25:3360:26:4930:27:1040:25:414
Arundale , DaveFrodsham310:25:3840:25:1850:25:1660:26:1670:26:4660:25:513
Jones , RobRuncorn20:25:542
Slavin , SimonRuncorn10:27:030:27:261
Murphy , JamesFrodsham50:27:5950:27:34
Donnelly , RobRuncorn00:28:270:27:56
Duckett , RobFrodsham100:26:530:27:050:28:0110:27:4150:28:2940:28:27
Wilson , KeithRuncorn00:28:30
Connor , AmyRuncorn00:29:10
Cheers , PaulRuncorn41:28:490:28:0940:29:16
Reilly , KeiranFrodsham00:34:130:33:21
Forster , RoyFrodsham220:25:5420:26:0520:26:1540:25:1950:26:4160:28:593
Smith , DeanFrodsham290:24:01100:23:58100:24:219
Fowler , ChrisFrodsham100:25:2940:25:536
Elloit , PhilRuncorn80:24:488
Walker , DanFrodsham60:26:000:26:1210:26:045
Woods , NathanFrodsham50:25:345
O'Donoghue ,WarrenFrodsham30:28:420:30:120:29:493
Flynn , JohnFrodsham30:27:173
Merison , RichardRuncorn22:28:490:31:402
Lunt , PRuncorn20:27:502
Parry, GeraintRuncorn20:27:312
Hanson-Jones , CerysFrodsham10:31:260:31:180:33:161
Mayers , RachelRuncorn10:29:060:28:581
Daniels , RichardRuncorn10:25:581
Cowell , RobFrodsham00:28:310:29:39
Clarke , AlanFrodsham00:26:28
Morgan-Astle , NathanFrodsham00:29:17
Astle , PeterFrodsham00:30:200:30:40
Nixon , MaggieRuncorn00:34:03
Baden , JohnRuncorn00:26:19
Burke , MatthewFrodsham00:27:06
Dumbell , TomRuncorn00:27:16
Rowlinson-Cooper , DarrenRuncorn00:28:49

Photos and Videos etc to follow here in the coming weeks.