Hatton 10 TT 2018 – Round 8 – 10 Mile Time Trial

A very windy night up at Hatton this evening which was pushing back riders by 40secs on average from their regular times. Nonetheless there were still some fine performances and at the end of the day, times are all relative to the rest of the riders on the course. Graham Noble for Chester Road Club taking the win followed by Runcorn’s Ed Cox and Frodsham’s Stuart Lloyd rounding out the podium.

Great to see so many ladies riding the course this evening, Frodsham’s Emma Knight being the first lady home, followed by Warrington Tri’s Jill Carlin and Frodsham’s Amy Gittins in third.Thanks to all the fabulous marshals who give up their time week in, week out, to make this happen.

And on we go to next week.

Photos credit : Tony Schofield

Team Hatton 10

Hatton 10 Rider Times – 21st June 2018

113Noble, GrahamChester RC23:000
125Cox, EdRuncorn CC23:3710
123Lloyd, StuartFrodsham Wheelers23:539
106McNally, MikeIndependent24:090
115Leadbeater, MichaelRuncorn CC24:198
109Walker, DanFrodsham Wheelers24:387
122Baiker, AndyRuncorn CC25:006
118Arundale, DaveFrodsham Wheelers25:075
114Sales, KevinFrodsham Wheelers25:114
104Cheers, PaulRuncorn CC25:563
103McGregor, RobFrodsham Wheelers26:172
120Hanson-Jones, ChrisFrodsham Wheelers26:460
105Jones, RobRuncorn CC27:141
124Cook, MattRuncorn CC27:300
121Ferguson, IainRuncorn CC27:350
117Allman, PhilIndependent27:470
111Knight, EmmaFrodsham Wheelers28:030
101Carlin, JillWarrington Tri28:350
108Mackenzie, AndyIndependent28:380
112Grimshaw, EthanEastlands Velo29:120
102Gittins, AmyFrodsham Wheelers29:290
107Reilly, KeiranFrodsham Wheelers29:580
119Schofield, KathrynRuncorn CC31:150
110Grimshaw, SarahFrodsham Wheelers31:330
116Stewart, AnnIndependent32:290

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