Information for New Riders

You’ve got your bike. You look ace in your lycra. You want to go out and see what the world looks like outside your car, but you’re not sure what to do next? Here’s the Wheelers guide to going clubbing…

  • Send us a message by clicking on Join Us or Conact Us or even on Facebook page.
  • Have a look at our Members Only Facebook Forum, Twitter Page and Instagram for craic, banter and updates.
  • Select a suitable ride from the rider manual. “Dont worry we will send you this”.
  • Wear a helmet. You only get one life – look after it.
  • If winter months fit mudguards and lights.
  • Hook up with the Wheelers – check out the Rides Schedule page for when we’re out and where we’re going.
  • British Cycling third party insurance- you may never need it, but then again you may just one day. It costs peanuts, could save you a fortune.
  • Always carry a couple of spare tubes, tyre levers, pump and a multi tool. Knowing how to use them all will be helpful but we can teach you.
  • Some food ,water and cash for coffee and cake.
  • Tell someone where you’re heading. If you’re out with the Wheelers you’ll be given ride leaders contact numbers in case you get lost!
  • Enjoy, Enjoy and Enjoy.

Then think about joining!!!!