Headwind 1 – Stevo Nil

mow cop cycling 2

Thanks for the company of the tuff mudders on the Not Mow Cop ride.

I don’t know about the rest but I suffered in that wind. Tired after 24 miles and rule #5 for the next 80 but completing a belated first ton of the year.

mow cop cycling 1

It was only manageable thanks to the support and humour of my fellow Wheelers……goosed!

mow cop hill section 2

P.S. You might have been confused by the ride title but I assure you that it definitely was not Mow Cop.

(Pics of slurry legs and view from Mow Cop Summit attached 🙂 )

dirty grit on road bike

muddy cyclists leg

Kudos to Mark Stevens, Dave Arundale, Gary Hartley, Kevin Sales, Rob Cowell and Gary Minnis.

mow cop cycling route from liverpool
Alternative Mow Cop, January 2018 – 4,120ft ascending, average speed 16mph over 105 miles.


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