Old Boys Reunion Ride to Cleo’s

Sunday morning was more akin to an old boys reunion than a club run

Chris Hansen-Jones? Baz James, Sarah Illidge, Danny Emmett, Rob Duckett to name but a few who’ve hardly been troubling the Stalwart Scoreboard this year. Still, the lure of Cleo’s and a twisty route, coupled with decent weather seemed ripe for temptation. Consensus at the shop was we all ride together so A, B and C all mucked in together at the roll out.

I seem to have misrepresented this as a Welsh run so heading off up through the minor twisties up the back of Manley Road caused some consternation, as well as lung testing as we headed off in entirely the wrong direction for some, ie not Wales and up hill.

You’re just making this up! … ooooh now I know where we are

The Yeld saw a split in the entente cordiale between A and B as the B’s split and took a less strenuous route to Cleo’s with Mark leading the easier option for once. The rest of us headed back up towards Tirley and then off to Hart Hill before a few more deviations ( not U turns Danny, well only one!) prompted an accusation of ; “You’re just making this up!”. These then led us into the Farndon to a chorus of “Ooooh now I know where we are”.

Farndon Bridge
Farndon Bridge on the Dee.

Arriving just as the early group left, we settled down to arrive at our table at pretty much the same time as our food — you can’t beat Cleo’s for service can you?

Baz’s bike started to protest

Back home the standard route, no surprises. Pace got a bit tasty until Baz’s bike started to protest, which slowed us sporadically but not by much. Once we hit the Runcorn bridle paths, his chain threw it’s hand in and went for a walk round his back wheel. Old school, tools out, fixed in minutes and back on it.

Thanks for the company Baz James, Steve Wright, Dianne Turner, Dave Arundale, Major Devaney and Danny Emmet — sore legs despite only doing 60 miles.

Same time same place next week? Don’t mind if I do!

strava frodsham cleopatras cycle route map
‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’ Ride to Cleopatra’s Coffee Shop, February 2018 – 2,800ft ascending, average speed 16.5mph over 50 miles.

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