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This post holds the club record for the longest ever posted but we reckon it’s a worthy read.
Ladies & Gents , 4 of the nominated ride leaders held a meeting in the Bears Paw to discuss putting some more structure into the runs and establishing a training format to the rides we do. Currently , we have plenty of rides and everyone is getting a good base fitness but we need to do more. Many of you have expressed an interest in racing, people have set themselves goals for self improvement so hopefully we can help you achieve this . Below is the bones of what we’re going to get set up. We will diarise these rides as events on the page so you get prompts and reminders and can plan accordingly.
The role of the Ride Leader is to implement road etiquette and ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for all by nurturing effective communication within the group, and to ensure all riders start and finish as a group and nobody is dropped. Ride Leaders should name names if members are riding in an unsafe or discourteous manner, 3 abreast etc. Members should not be offended when this happens as it’s a safety call. We bear the names Frodsham Wheelers and Twelve50 Bikes on our kit – people can pick these up and make complaints if we upset them. We want to attract new members so a good profile is essential.
Ideally there should be 2 ride leaders per ride, one front and one rear. If only 1 Ride Leader in attendance they should appoint an experienced rider to support them and cover one of the roles. I’m sure no-one minds having to sit at the back and stay off the front! If you are having a bad day and get dropped , shout up and we WILL wait.
There are 6 ride leaders (I think!) but there are many other experienced members with good road sense who can assist. We encourage the appointment of additional Ride Leaders.
Nominated leaders are Mark Stevens, Danny Emmett, Roy Forster, Pete Prince, Dean Smith, Chris Hanson-Jones.
Ride rules and etiquette may vary by ride eg. On the Wednesday Chain Gang, the emphasis will be on speed , improvement and suffering. As a result, people may get dropped. Check the route out beforehand and make sure you know where you’re going in case you get dropped. Sunday runs , whether A or B group –n on-one gets left behind.
With everyone’s permission , the club will produce small cards with all members mobile numbers on. If you’re on a run and get dropped , have a mechanical etc and get separated , stop , ring someone and get help. These will also be useful if you’re out on your own and have an accident. There will be a small laminated card produced with club members mobile numbers is case any rider becomes detached/lost.

Suggested Timetable of Club Activities:
Tuesday – Turbo session @ The Bears Paw – Dean to lead
Wednesday – Chain Gang (Peter/Roy)
Wednesday B Ride – Danny (Route declared by Monday)
Wednesday – Club 10 TT Interclub Competition vs Runcorn CC Every 2nd Wednesday from May 6th
Thursday – Yoga
Thursday (from clock change) – Hilly – Mark (Route declared by Tuesday)
Saturday – Wizard – Dean (Every 4th Saturday extended Goyt Valley ride)
Sunday rides will be structured but varied. Rides will be declared 4 weeks in advance and a new ride announced on a rolling week basis.
A Group – Mark / Danny / Roy / Dean (as available)
Week 1 – Wales, Week 2 – Cheshire Lanes, Week 3 – Lancashire Lanes, Week 4 -Derbyshire. (I will declare Week 1 by Thursday and week 2, 3, 4 by the weekend!
B Group – Chris will lead and on occasions will cunningly try to link A and B if possible at some stage in the ride.
Routes will be published on the Facebook page initially but investigations into the feasibility of setting up a proper website are ongoing.
Forza Frodsham!!

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