Stuff wot we learned today….

Stuff wot we learned today. Di needs a new garmin. Mine isn’t much better. Tandems come down hills much better than they go up. Chocolae cake melts in the sun. The Arancinero massed at the shop in glorious sunshine and headed off down The Greenaway to Queensferry, with a little detour via the railway station. Shotton Lane loosened a few legs before we headed off up to Northop Hall then over The Green. For those who’ve not ridden it, its not the biggest or hardest climb but it hurts, it got some steep twisty bits and it’s well worth a look. We headed back to Mold then most of us went through Hawarden before dropping down to Queensferry. Di decided it’d be a grand adventure to go elbow to elbow with a few caravans and HGVs on the A55! Having been put back on the right road by a couple of passing riders we regrouped and decamped to the Eureka for a brew. Home was straight down Oil Sites Road which is as glamorous as it sounds but we had some new riders with us who were tiring so needs must. We had a grand day out but, boys and girls… Next week, we stay as a group, safety in numbers. I’m never going to stop anyone having a laugh legging it up or down a hill, far from it , I’d encourage it. However not knowing where you are and ending up on a main dual carriageway is no fun. If you lose the rider in front, wait for the one behind. Dad has spoken! Great to see the new faces today, see you next time we hope!! Enjoy your week folks, see you Sunday. Forza Frodsham!!

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