Stuff wot we learned today

70 inches is to low for fixed gear on a club run. San Marco saddles ain’t comfy. Barry’s got longer legs than me,

Overcast skies were no deterrent to the Arancionero today. 16 saddled up and had a leisurely spin out to the Eureka on a flat run through the lanes. Given that I got my gearing a bit low – I was twiddling like mad the moment the road went down the slightest hill –  I was glad I picked a flat one! Might go up a sprocket for next time…. Coffee and cakes and sore undercarriage rested at the Mills, I hijacked Barry’s bike to get some relief for a mile or so until he caught me and turfed me off so back to the 20 yr old steel framed fixie with the 30 year old wheels. These carbon fibre effemeebobs you’re all riding ain’t gonna last you mark my words young people! They are a lot nicer to ride though. Resisting the temptation to go up some hills on the way back we made it back to Frodsham in double quick time. Given that we were so close to 50 miles Cerys decided we had to do another loop to get the landmark in so off we went. No rest for the wicked!

The Vuelta has finished, the racing season is done,  Autumn is upon us , make the most of the last couple of weeks of bare legs people before you get wrapped up for the winter. October 5th – long one into Wales. Sunpsot , Bwlch ,Ruthin The Rainbow, that kind of thing. Mrs HJ has given me my pass out , get yours booked! Get yourself out on the combined run Wednesday – feels faster in the dark!

Forza Frodsham!!

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