Stuff wot we learned today.

Roadies are more helpful than off roadies. Potholes cost. The gap between A and B is closing. Diane is a glutton for a challenge.

We set off with a bunch of 20 As and Bs heading for supposedly separating after a while to do a long and a short one.Pete led us off down the lanes to Norley and then we made our way across towards Jodrell Bank where we should’ve split but, we didn’t. An early pothole cost Gaz a tube and Rob Mc a tube and a spoke but fortunately the wheel stayed true so he carried on. Turns out MTBers don’t muck in and help each other with punctures –  Both runs changed destination so instead of The Cat for the A’s and Dog Farm for the B’s , one hot and sweaty bunch arrived at The Wizard. After chugging a load of cake, Di recruited 3 wingmen and they headed off to the Cat because they had energy to spare. The rest of us headed back at some speed for home as due to the extra miles some of us were tight for time.

A good run was had by all and it’s great to see the progress in fitness that’s been made by a lot of our new riders. You’ve all come on a long way and it’s fantastic. Today did highlight the fact that the higher pace takes some of the enjoyment out , not everyone can / wants to go balls out for 4 hours so, from next week we’ll make sure there’s distinct and separate runs. There’s no point in putting people off who’ve made the effort but if it all looks too hard then newbies won’t want to come so lets keep it in check.

To all those who got back later than anticipated due to my missing  Jodrell Bank ( how could you miss THAT?)  my apologies. Must try harder!!

I’m not out next week as I’m away for the weekend (Mrs HJ’s birthday) so any volunteers to do a nice steady 40-50 miles , let me know.

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