Stuff wot we learned today

There’s loads of us! The Wheelers are a very accommodating bunch. Deano knows his way around t’north west. The biggest bunch of Arancionero I’ve seen set off in chilly but bright conditions once we’d picked up a second group in Widnes. Off north through Hough Green , up to Whiston , down the Rainford bypass and through the lanes , ending up at Rufford. I heard quite a few where are we’s and oh I know where I am nows so we obviously broke some new ground even for the experienced lads. Fecklers Café provided drinks and cakes and plans were finalised for the Tour de France next week. You can spot those who’ve got kids by the club coloured loom bracelets that were on show! The route back took in the local classic climb of Ashurst Beacon. 1.7 miles and rising almost 600ft it’s certainly a test for legs and lungs. Many thanks for the round of applause for Cerys at the top – I think everyone deserved one today. Not sure what the route back was as I turned off at this point. Thanks to all today for making sure the pace included Cerys – she really enjoyed it after a while on the tandem. She even asked if we could do an extra loop so that she got her first solo 50 miles in – nice one all! Wednesday is 10 night , Sunday is the Tour, not sure which one is the biggest event but with good company like we’ve got in this club, they’ll both be a blast.

Forza Frodsham!!

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