Sunshine on a Rainy Day

After a gloomy start to the day the rain clouds clear at Jodrell Bank Observatory.

Stuff wot we learnt today!

Never judge a book by it’s cover. Rocking up at the lights at 8:30 in early morning gloom and no-one else turning up until the A team arrived — it had early bail out non stopper written all over it as Cerys and I dithered over whether to don rain jackets.

It was less promising at Twelve50 Towers as cape clad riders rolled up in worsening rain. Secretary Cowell decided a cafe stop WAS happening so off rolled a happy bunch. Ridgeway for a warm up, over some of Frodshams’ finest lumps and out towards Eaton where Cerys made her prearranged exit. Having ploughed through several flooded roads in no over shoes she was as wet as the wettest thing that springs to mind and lost use of fingers on the way back.

Epic Jodrell Bank sausage rolls.

The rest of us sailed on for a different route to Jodders via Middlewich and Church Minshull. The sun came out, it actually came out and the rest of the ride was really quite pleasant ( apart from if you’re Gary McIlraith who paid for having a few weeks off) Jodrell Bank really does do some epic sausage rolls — after chorizo last time I had pork and black pudding. I think Smasher Hartley was having trouble with his on the way back though…

Sunshine on a rainy day – those who decided to brave it and come out and play were rewarded with a good ride, a few laughs and a bit of early winter sun.

strava map
‘B Ride to Jodders, November 2017 – 2,730ft ascending, average speed 16mph over 67 miles.

As well as a classic lesson in why mudguards are essential — Cerys you have a perfectly shod winter bike there…


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