The Penultimate 10

Results from last nights ten mile session at Hale.

Last night saw our biggest field of Arancionero take to the roads of Hale for our penultimate speed session. Given the progress and PB’s that we’ve seen over the season, whatever your guys are doing with training and equipment is obviously working so well done to everyone.

The last session is September 3rd (check whether you’ll need lights!?) and there will be a trophy – the Frodsham Wheeler’s inaugural 10 mile championship – on the line. In keeping with the inclusive ethos of the club, the winner will be the best on handicap , not necessarily the fastest outright time , so that everyone has chance of the win – as long as you’ve ridden one ten already and therefore have a time to handicap against. Nearer the time I’ll put up a post with the handicaps and an explanation of a) how they were worked out and b) how it works for those who’ve never raced one before.

Anyhow , without further ado , what you’ve all been waiting for , last nights time. The difference new bikes, wheels and pedals make can be clearly seen…..

In order of start ;

Mark Hogan                                  32:37
Cerys Hanson-Jones                      33:04
Lee Cox                                        29:49
Mark Stevens                                25:18
Rob Cowell                                   29:08
Rob Duckett                                 26:53
Nathan Woods                              28:14
Joe Roberts                                  26:42
John Flynn                                   27:07
 Al Orme                                      24:42
Dean Smith                                  24:27
Roy Forster                                  28:10
Gary Hartley                                27:12
James Murphy                              27:12
Gaz Minnis                                   27:41
Chris Fowler                                 25:53

Some great rides there people , well done all. Forza Frodsham!!

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