Wednesday night fast night update

The Arancianero were out in force in Hale for the second 10 mile session and were rewarded with a fine sunny evening and relatively calm conditions. At least that’s how it felt for your timekeeper…..!  14 faced the clock with last months time to beat. Some were quietly confident , some got their excuses in early, targets were set , all the buzz of a proper event. We even had our own chequered flag girl for the finish this time. As last time , times are set out below in running order;

Rob Duckett                            27:06
Mark Stevens                          25:33
James Murphy                         27:46
Andy Lee                                26:54
Nathan Woods                        27:42
Chris Fowler                           26:24
Al Orme                                  24:41
Paul Whittall                            22:16
Gary Minnis                            28:16
Lee Cox                                 30:02
Aidan Horner                          27:19
Damian Field                           24:18
Dianne Turner                         30:38
Roy Forster                             28:10

So , Dean’s club best 23:53 survives until next month – Can Al find 30 seconds , will Princy sling his leg over his fast bike and challenge, what will Baz do when his collar bone heals? As a benchmarking session , anyone who has changed their training over the last month should see the results in this. If you’ve improved , and many did, fantastic , well done. Intervals , chain gangs , pushing yourself , all the ways of taking time , that’s where you need to be. On the front on Sunday morning , not sitting in. Suffering , we love it! Many thanks to Gary and Pete for pushing off tonight and to my flag girl , sorry i didn’t get your name but they were all glad to see you! .  Next 10 is July 2nd – Le Tour will be on so everyone should be psyched in the sunshine. Fozra Frodsham , see you Sunday.

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