Weekend Rides 28-29 June 2014

Saturday –

 No introduction needed for the Wizard. Leaving Moughland Lane at 08:30 , steady out and back (steady again? you going soft Deano?!) tea and cakes at the top. B group riders , steady pace so if you can’t make Sunday this is a good one. Overcast day forecast.

Sunday- weather forecast is sun sun sun all the way!
A group – steady pace , experienced riders.
Leaving Moughland lane lights at 08:30 and heading north so no pick up at the shop this week.
75-80 miles with a few climbs thrown in but nothing of the North Wales calibre so this should be within the reach of most.

B Group – steady pace all welcome. Around 50 miles.
As the A group , heading north and will head towards Pimbo Nursery caff. This time chuck in a little bit of climbing, maybe Ashurst or Cobbs Brow. Back home through the picturesque mining town of St Helens….  I’ll be getting off at Wigan as I’m on in-laws duty

This would be a good opportunity to fine tune the arrangements for next weeks ride to the tour. There’ll no doubt be experienced riders who know exactly what to expect. There’ll be those who’ve no idea , the route , climbs , what to do etc. As many as possible out this week would be a good way of getting it all boxed off.

Forza Frodsham!

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