The Wheelers take the Delyn Challenge 5th June 2016

After two summers of missed opportunities due to wet weather and foreign jaunts, the Wheelers finally made it to North Wales to take up the Delyn Challenge

frodsham wheelers delyn challenge mountain bike ride north wales

One of the Classic rides, the Delyn Challenge began back in the early 90’s as the mountain bike was starting to catch on amongst the cycling fraternity and quickly became a seasonal favourite as something quirky and different.

delyn challenge 2016 frodsham wheelers group

Starting and finishing in Mold, it takes in 50 miles of stunning North Wales countryside, the vast majority of which is off road. Gnarly, gravelly, muddy, twisty , grassy, boardwalks, fords, streams , grindingly slow, breathtakingly fast, fire tracks, bridle paths – I think it pretty much has something of everything to test rider and machine to the limit.

mountain bike riding north wales trail

As ever, estimated time to do the ride was massively optimistic, yeah we’ll be home for 6 – erm we didn’t get back to the cars until 6:30 so… what happened in the middle? 10 Wheelers ( or was it 11, became 13 became 17 became 10…) saddled up in glorious sunshine at 8:30 and hit the road.

top steep mountain bike trail

For the next 10 hours, we rode, laughed, fixed punctures, took wrong turns, laughed some more, ate – but not at the burger van cos it wasn’t there!! We used every gear on the bikes, learned that mountain bikers don’t stay out this long and that tubeless tyres don’t puncture, fixed punctures, fell off – well Nathan did, went to the pub, lost expensive Garmin’s, ate some more, went to another pub, fixed more punctures and in the gaps in between we all rode like demons up and down.

picnic stop-woodland mountain bike trail delyn north wales

Numbers for the day, 10 sets of tan lines to die for, damage to one rear mech, 9 punctures, one lost Garmin, one miserable pub landlord plus one delighted to see us, 7500 feet of climbing, 50 odd miles in the bag, one hell of a day.

Next the Mary Townley Loop anyone?

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One thought on “The Wheelers take the Delyn Challenge 5th June 2016

  1. Well done good story. I rode the Delyn challenge myself in 1994 and still have the commemorative mug that I drink double strong coffee from every day 😉 On the day my I completely tore a front tire after about 45 miles and had to walk the last part back to Mold sports close 🙂 great times.

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