Winter Sprinter 1 – Pacy Cleo’s Milkshake Ride

cleopatra's cycle cafe
Cleopatra’s Coffee Shop, Holt on the Wales and Cheshire border.

Well, another great turnout at Twelve50 bikes today. Kudos to all. It was tough conditions out there today. 7 Wheelers rolled out on the A ride which had been christened the ‘Winter Sprinter #1’ on account of the fact that the mileage was a little under 60 miles and the route was ‘bumpy’ rather than ‘very bumpy’.

Well after Bump #1 The Ridgeway Jamezzzzzzz decided that he ‘didn’t have da legs’ in the words of friend of the club Sean Kelly. However, he was cajoled to stick it out to the caff, the plan being to Join the B group’s ride home from Cleopatra’s.

your order by telepathy … on the table before you could sit down

Very blustery conditions made it tough on the way out via Kelsall, Huxley and Tattenhall at which point Jamezzzzzzz decided that he really didn’t have da legs and bailed for an exquisite Ice Cream and some cow petting at the Ice Cream Farm. 6 rolled up to Cleopatra’s to witness this great caff’s knack of receiving your order by telepathy and having it on the table before you could sit down.

An audacious move by David Arundale to nab the ‘café name‘ Eugene led to confusion as I stood my ground and we soon became known to the staff as Eugene #1 and Eugene #2, copyright proceedings will ensue! David Arundale also opted for the thickest milk shake in history against all advice although the decision proved to be a guddun as the contents appeared to give him superhuman strength on the way home. No sign of the B’s at thecaff… hope it all went to plan Chris Hanson-Jones and Roy Forster.

the wind really began to take it’s toll

A new Wheelers route via Borras, Llay (Cccclllay), Hope, Kinnerton and Dodleston was perfect… one big climb a bit of rolling terrain and one wonderful descent back into England. Unfortunately the wind really began to take it’s toll and the a weary 6 arrived in Chester for the final leg, again via a new route through suburbia to Guilden Sutton, Mickle Trafford and home.

A really enjoyable ride, a great route (very similar to Wizard in terms of distance but with a bit more climbing), great caff and ‘interesting‘ weather – we managed to dodge any rain but the wind was brutal.

Well – one final point – we rode into Frodsham at 12.50 AHEAD OF SCHEDULE (Baz James) and with no extra surprise miles on the Garmins… youz lot give me a bad rap.

strava map west cheshire
Winter Sprinter 1 – 2,500ft ascending, average speed 17.7mph over 56 miles.

Thanks for all your company today. Great fun. A special mention to John Flynn who toughed out the A despite spending the last 2 weeks touring the Carribbean, eating, boozing, sunning. You dug deep John, welcome back.

Cheers, Marco

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