Winter Warmer 4 – Mow Cop

top station road mow cop 25 percent
Top Station Road, Mow Cop, Staffordshire – 25% Gradient.

9 Wheelers and 1 Team Jedi rolled out of Runcorn for Winter Warmer #4. 3 Wheelers had only intended to ride to Holmes Chapel but that was to change on an eventful day.

At Great Budworth Chris Hanson-Jones stopped to ascertain what the irritating clicking noise was from his rear wheel to find a split ….erm rim and had to return home, but kudos to the lad, he went on a solo smashfest. Dunno what it is with split rims, a very trendy method of ‘Winter Warmer avoidance‘ recently!

Anyway the group continued on quiet roads to Holmes Chapel at a fair lick and here it was that Aidan Warder and Justin Collacott felt the lure of The Cop and decided to stick it out for the day. Jamezzzzzzzz rode a solo TT home and got a plethora of Brownie Points.

explosion of a tyre … descending the Cop at circa 50 mph

After the obligatory pre Cop pee pee stop the group began the ascent. The road was slimy and wheel spins a plenty caused worrying moments, as did the explosion of a tyre of guy descending the Cop at circa 50 mph!!! A nice diversion from our suffering!!!

All twiddled up with plenty to spare and immediately began the descent to Congleton for an early lunch.
Duly refreshed the group began the mega bumpy second phase of the ride. Roads were quiet, views were stunning and the karma was good.

After a slight miscalculation on the Leek-Buxton road (a case of premature turn off!) we ended up taking a detour and instead of Wonderful Wildboarclough we arrived back in ‘Macc‘ via Lovely Langley (and a most strange gridlock in a rural village). At Prestbury we stocked up on liquids and Jelly Babies and continued on via the Wizard.

the old ‘Wizard’ switch was flicked

After Artists Lane the old ‘Wizard’ switch was flicked and all became evil racing dervishes, Stuart Lloyd going for a gap smaller than his bike between Chris Fowler (sporting those lovely scarlet knickers) and Aidan Warder but the racing antenna kicked in and disaster was averted. The usual Knutsford road madness ensued and was tasty as always.

On the approach to the Antrobus Smash riders vied for position after a bit of through and off. I saw my opportunity about 4 miles from the chequered flag and went on an audacious attack. It didn’t seem decisive but the group were in temporary slumber and as happens often, the bunch looked at each other for too long before Messrs Lloyd and Fowler gave chase. After a regroup we headed back for home, but not before knocking ten bells out of each other again on the Turfland Sprint. (It was noted that the Winter Warmer regulars were prominent in all the silliness, you know it makes sense.

mow cop winter warmer 4 route
Winter Warmer 4 – 3,720ft ascending, average speed 15mph over 85 miles.

A thoroughly enjoyable 107 miles for me, thanks all for your company, was really good craic today. See you for Winter Warmer #5 soon (destination unknown).

Cheers, Marco

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