Sundays post delayed – here it is…

Stuff wot we learned today. There is good cycling country north of the river. The general public like to shout SINGLE FILE for no good reason. Pimbo Nursery has an excellent caff. 13 yr old girls aren’t comfortable with cycling tans! As ever an impressive turn out for our first foray over the bridge. Glorious sunshine beamed down on the lucky 15 as we picked our way through Cronton, Rainhill, Whiston and on to Kirkby. Doesn’t sound so pretty so far but as we left the burbs behind and made it to the lanes it was evident how far we’ve come as a group in a short space of time. Plenty of feedback being passed around the group, loads of chat, and the rolling speeds would grace the A group. Average speeds of 16 mph are becoming the norm so well done all, you’re hard miles are paying off. A last minute switch to Pimbo caff was a good choice as they’ve plenty more seats especially outside which was a bonus given how many of us there were and how sunny it was. Refuelled we propped Ed upright ( sorry mate!) and set odd for home. We , I, bottled Shaley and made for Crank instead and home via St Helens, Eccleston and the back lanes down into Widnes. Nice to see the club colours filtering further into the group, Matt posted a list of available stock earlier this week so if you’ve not got yours yet, nows the time. Well done to Dean Smith and Alan Orme who represented the club in a 25 TT today. Dean got under the hour and Al was sooooo close it hurts. Better luck next time, club 10 on the 11th to fine tune your speed everyone. Last but not least, nice to see Barry Baz James back of after his broken collar bone, good to have you back ! Any volunteers to take the group next week? Cerys’s birthday so I’ll be otherwise engaged.


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