Interclub 10 TT Test – 25th May 2017

inter club 10 time trials 01

We had 19 riders but only 4 from FWCC turn up for the test event on the new Pilmoss course!

Some fast times were set with the event being won in 21:30 by Ed Cox of Runcorn with Al Orme in second with 22:50. Sam Mayers completed the podium with 23:30. Lots of happy faces as everyone came flying down to the finish. We had 2 DNFs with Martin Geer puncturing and Kathryn Schofield missing a turn and riding 21 miles .

inter club 10 time trials 02

There was a marshal missing from the turn off the A49 into Pilmoss Lane and this is something that will be sorted out for the next event on 8th June. We also learnt that we need to start all watches at the start and take them to the finish as trying to do it over the phone didn’t work well and didn’t allow for a backup watch to be started.

inter club 10 tt alan orme

Everybody enjoyed the event and are looking forward to the next one but we need more people to enter from the Wheelers as we only had 3 finishers and from the next event there are points to be earned towards end of year trophies.

inter club 10 tt finish

Inter Club 10 TT – 25th May 2017

119Cox, EdRCCMSenior40.3021.3010
117Orme, AlFWCCMVet39.5022.509
118Mayers, SamRCCMVet41.3023.308
113Arundale, DavidFWCCMVet37.1924.197
111McGregor, RobFWCCMSenior35.4224.426
102Cheers, PaulRCCMVet27.0125.015
103Conner, AmyRCCFSenior28.4825.484
106Dumbell, TomRCCMSenior32.0226.020
108Daniels, NathanRCCMVet35.0527.050
110Hampson, MarkRCCMVet37.0927.090
115Mercer, NathanRCCMJuvenille43.4528.450
101Caterall, MartinRCCMVet30.0729.070
107Collen, GillRCCFVet37.3730.370
105Johnson, PaulIndependentMVet36.2931.290
114Goodwin, NathanRCCMJuvenille47.5633.560
109Hampson, NathanRCCMJuvenille46.3537.350
104Scholfield, KathrynRCCFJuvenilleDNFDNF0
112Geer, MartinFWCCMVetDNFDNF0

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