Jodrell Bank Ride – Ice Holes, the Non Stop Run STOPS & our Roads are KNACKERED!

Stuff wot we learnt today!

Ice Holes ( sounds like **** holes – automatically funny no? ). The non stop run STOPS!! Our roads are KNACKERED.

frodsham wheelers jodrell bank radio telescope

Most of us looked out of the window and thought, mmmm, sod it let’s go anyway. I rocked up at the lights in glorious sun shine, no one else there, solo’d off to the shop.

Martin sat basking like a lizard in the sun…

Caught up with James en route looking all Flandrian. Martin sat basking like a lizard in the sun on the other side of the road. Dianne made it on time. I decided the best way to battle the -1 degree temperature was to set off up Bellemonte Road, then Overton, then we hit Longley Lane, then up past the Fruit Farm. I think we’re warm now? Yeah, warm enough.

Spotted Alan Orme and Stuart Lloyd on their non stopper –— STOPPED??

Out then to Winsford and up the day’s off road section which passed off with no incidents and more surprisingly, no complaints. We said goodbye to James and Gary on the way but picked up Paul roadside after he was delayed by a puncture. Spotted Alan Orme and Stuart Lloyd on their non stopper. STOPPED?? wtf as the kids say.

icy roads cycling cheshire

The headwind was relentless on the way out so the massive POC lid on the horizon, sorry, Joddrell Bank’s telescope, on the horizon, was a welcome sight. It’s a nice caff but it could learn a thing or nine from Cleo’s about service could it not?

frodsham wheelers jodrell bank cafe

…a brilliant and upright day out

The way home was improvised after I ballsed up my navigation at the first turn but a ‘tailie‘ was doing it’s bit at keeping things rolling at a good lick. Aside of Martin taking Dianne roughly from behind at a junction and despite running into several ice patches, we had a brilliant and upright day out.

cycling route frodsham jodrell bank
Jodders Ride, February 2018 – 3,200ft ascending, average speed 15.5mph over 60 miles.

It really was a joy to be out in glorious sunshine with good mates. Thanks to Dev Devaney, Stephen Wright, Danny Emmett, Dianne Turner, Kevin Sales, Jamezzzz, Gary McIlraith, Martin Sam Geer and Paul Holding for their company today. Proper good spirited ride.

Heads up, next Sunday, we’re going north of the river so 8:30 Moughland Lane lights

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