Le Tour De France Dans Angleterre!

This week we’re doing something different. There’s a bit of a bike race on in Yorkshire where some Johnny Foreigners will be getting shown how it’s done by our plucky boys so we, the Arancionero will be going out there to show our support. As such , there’s no A or B groups , just an OMG group! I understand that there will be a fair number of riders from other clubs coming with us so it’ll be a big bunch to start with and I’m sure we’ll merge along the way with other like minded clubs so it should be a great occasion. It’s a 100- mile day and we’re leaving the Moughland Lane lights at 07:00 SHARP because we’ll be picking up various groups along the way.  The weather is typically British Wimbledon final weekend weather , rain is currently forecast in the afternoon so gear up accordingly. Food and drink will be scarce and at premium prices so stock up on the way. Some good suggestions so far are small rucksacks with waterproofs and flip flops as we’ll be arriving hours before the race so cleats might take a battering walking around and we may well be sitting in the rain high up a hill so warm gear will be handy. We all love our bikes and it’s a long walk home if some thieving sod pinches it so if you’ve not got a lock now’s the time to buy one. I’m sure Twelve50 will do a TDF deal….. As many club jerseys as possible and lets see if we can get ourselves on the telly!

Forza Frodsham

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