Martin’s Monday Memoires – a hilly Tilly’s B Ride!

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A hilly Tilly’s B ride, well it was exactly what it said on the tin! 13 (unlucky for some) wheelers left Twelve50 heading for a character building bumpy route into deepest darkest Cheshire and to one of our favourite stop off’s.

Leaving Frodsham in tight formation we headed onto Helsby and turning left (I found this one, all by myself) onto the old Chester Road we headed up the first test of the day and a sure fire way of warming up those fresh legs. Regrouping at Manley Road we had to say a sad goodbye to Dan and Anne Walker due to lack of lungs after recent illness but kudos for attempting and we know you’ll be back very soon.

tired cyclists tillys coffee shop bunbury cheshire

Two down, the magnificent 11 heading onwards, upwards and downwards onto Manley, Great Barrow, Oscroft, Hoofield, Tattenhall, Burwardsley, Beeston and Bunbury. Dev Devaney, all these names are for your solo attempt, you will find Tilly’s by yourself one day I’m sure of it!

…new found love of cycling insurance research!

A number of ‘err planned’ deviations obviously aimed at bringing the group back together in a safer roadside location you know and to point out a number of interesting period properties (honest) we arrived at a relatively quiet Tilly’s. With their familiar warm welcome, great service and food we were soon ready for the return leg. With new club secretary Rob Cowell needing to head off, obviously to continue with his new found love of cycling insurance research!

we thought the creaking was bike related

The remaining 10 headed back out and towards home and this is where the fun really started. Safely ascending Arundale Hill as it’s become affectionately know…. the first mechanical wasn’t bike related but Simon Woodward’s back giving up, and we thought the creaking was bike related. This was quickly followed by an unfortunate clipping of wheels and Gary McIlraith ending with rubber side up, and as we all know this is against the general principles of the sport!

dianne turner gaz minnis rob cowell simon woodward frodsham wheelers

A quick check over, some reassuring words of support and an explanation of the Velominati and something specifically relating to rule #5 we headed off and onto Cotebrook, Knights Lane climb onto Willington, Kelsall and a final climb via Dark Ark Lane and home via Alvanley.

digging deep into their reserves

Top draw efforts form everyone who made it out but special mentions have to go out to Simon Woodward for struggling home with a back that needs some fettling, Gary McILraith for trying the sport upside down and Kieran Reilly and Martyn Smith for once again digging deep into their reserves. Not forgetting a special mention to Dianne ‘good knee’ Turner and Gaz Minnis for their extra loop.

frodsham wheelers cycle ride tillys coffee shop bunbury
Sunday B Ride to Tillys in Bunbury – 2,424ft ascending, average speed 14.5mph over 55 miles.

Thanks for your help Chris Hanson-Jones, I will get there (eventually).

Kudos to all and ‘B‘ good.

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