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Ginger- The future’s ginger not orange. Perseverance pays off. Racing loom on the horizon.

Ginger as a shade of orange seemed appropriate this morning. Overnight sub zero temperatures left a crunch of white frost on Heath Road South as I gingerly skated down to the lights. Seeing as Justin had made it all the way to the lights , going home seemed a bit wimpish . We were soon joined by Gary and Chris and slowly slowly made our way to Twelve50. Numbers swelled to 8 , off we went. As far as routes go , 2 A roads all the way to the Mills in a cack one by Wheelers standards but adapting to the conditions is what you’ve go to do sometimes. Cake, cheese on toast and hot drinks were welcome as fingers and toes were suffering , not legs!! Bright sunshine and massively improved temperatures (well at least a degree above freezing by that point) helped us home. It wasn’t a bad ride in the end , we even chased a scooter down through Helsby and had a burn up back into Frodsham. Not sure which reckless loon started that….Well done to Pete for gritting his teeth and hanging in, and Dianne for rolling on with an upset stomach – kudos to all.

Racing – Anyone riding the Hilly 22 in March needs to start thinking about getting sorted. In Particular if you’re doing the 2 up. You’ll need to choose your team mate , get used to riding through and off with them , working out how long your turns will be on the front , what the signal is for coming through , tri bars or no tri bars…. Decisions decisions!

The race itself is 15th March. I reckon a couple of through and off sessions the weekends leading up to it will be in order to get the first timers amongst you used to race pace and conditions. Hopefully Matt will have he race and ride captains named and in position this week so thy can start to take the racers under their wings.The Sunday run 8th March will be out to Broxton and then around the course so that you can all see where you’re going and how hilly the course is. As a guide , I did the course in 1991 in 51:51 – I’ll buy a cake for anyone who beats me!! anyone who’s not racing if they can make themselves available for pushing off , marshalling , time recording, general helping on the day please? There will be no club run on the day of the event – all hands on deck!!

Onwards and upwards Arancionero – 2015 is going to be a great year for the Wheelers!! 

Forza Frodsham!

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