Cobbles, Off Track, Bellemonte Road, Stuff wot we learned today…

Cobbles are harder than ribs. Off the beaten track there be gems. Dianne’s bike is harder than she thinks. If Bellemonte Road was 20 miles away we’d ride it more often. Pay attention to your Garmin, it’s trying to help…

Three punctures, one vanishing new boy, one abandon (mechanical) and 2 fell off! Kind of tells a story but it wasn’t as bad as it sounds

We picked up a couple of new lads at the shop and headed off up to Bellemonte Road for the first time since the mighty Smasher Hartley wrestled the hill climb championship from Marko way back in September. New boy #1 decided, we think, to bail here as he just vanished.

Passing Nathan Morgan-Astle who was out on the dark side for the day, we headed over Overton, only for Simon’s bike to succumb to gremlins and he too had to turn back. Ten minutes in, two men down.

Skies were grey, wind was stiff, this had all the makings of a grim one. As we approached Tarvin, the rain was flirting with us and we turned towards Platt Lane for the first of today’s treats. Despite bogging off down two dead ends on the way, we found Hockenhull Platts. This is a series of three ancient stone bridges which are part of the medieval Holyhead to London trade route.

cobbles hockenhull platts cheshire ancient bridge
Hockenhull Platts, three ancient stone bridges, part of the medieval Holyhead to London trade route.

A firm path links them to Platt Lane so with a bit of mud plugging, we smashed the cobbles and despite Di binning it in the mud, we made it through unscathed and everyone was grinning widely so I got away with that one.

Eschewing the rather soulless Ice Cream Farm, we refuelled at Old Ma’s just around the corner where choice, atmosphere and price are far better. Back out, we headed through Tattenhall and descended pave #2, Hill Road into Beeston. Tony Penney hit the deck on the way down but a timely puncture to Brigid’s rather fine Brian Rourke gave him time to recover.

To quote Major Devaney as we set off again! :

I’ve done some bone things since I joined the Wheelers but that beats them all

Again the rain threatened, again it held off as we wound things up with a dash back through Delamere. Bank holiday ride number 3 crossed off, just Nets caff to go tomorrow and then all back to work!!

Thanks for your company today everyone and big thanks to John Flynn for keeping the tail happy.

Forza Frodsham!!

strava map 50 mile cheshire classic experience

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